Best Casino Books

We offer you a list of top casino books to help you get accustomed to the world of gambling and learn better its strategies and secrets. All the casino books offer information on gambling, players experience etc. Here is the description of the best books on casino theme.

Best Casino Books – Baccarat Battle Book

1. The Baccarat Battle - Frank Scoblete

A book is dedicated to complete beginners in this card casino game. All the best-known Baccarat strategies are described in it:

  • Money Management
  • Card Counting
  • Advantage Play Strategy

2. Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling - Basil Nestor

This book highlights the most common states on the casino gambling, which can be useful for every casino player. Unofficial guide to casino cambling is a must have for persons addicted to gambling.

3. Casino Gambling for Dummies - Doyle Kevin Blackwood

The author of this book is a famous casino expert, who describes and exposes to newbies a huge variety of details in casino gambling, such as: casino tips, strategies and casino game rules. It also provides with full information on online casinos as well.

4. Blackjack - Jerry L. Patterson

This book describes the basics of Blackjack, its technics and an overview of the lately developed changes and strategies in it. The book provides a great analysis and is worth reading.

5. Spin Roulette Gold - Frank Scoblete

Another great masterpiece from the Frank Scoblete! The book is dedicated to beginners in Roulette and gives the reader a bunch of useful information on tricks and author's own experience!

6. Baccarat for The Clueless - John May

This is another great book for newbies in Baccarat card game, which explains the basics of the game step-by-step.

Best Casino Books – Gambling Online

7. Gambling Online - Angus Dunnington

Author of this casino book share his experience with the readers. He describes his playing sets in online casinos. If you feel yourself unsure about online gambling - this book is a great introduction for you and a useful guide.

All described above casino books are the best among wide variety of others. These books are suitable as for beginners and for more skilled gamblers. Find the book on the theme you'd like to know more and enjoy your reading!